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Specialized Boiler Tuning & Testing

As more emphasis is placed on being the low cost producer and working to reduce NOX at the same time, many clients have made major modifications to combustion equipment, changed their operating practice or changed fuel supply through specialized boiler tuning & testing.

Many times, these modifications result in a boiler that is less forgiving to non-optimum performance or creates different challenges, such as:

  • Reduced unit capacity
  • High stack opacity
  • Furnace and convection pass slagging or fouling
  • High carbon content in the flyash


Boiler Slag

Continually being faced with slagging issues on the lower slope, burners or in the upper sections of your boiler?

Pulverizer performance not up to par?

Having problems achieving optimum steam temperatures or controlling exit gas temperature?

Specialized Boiler Tuning and Testing to Address:

  • Slagging
  • High furnace exit gas temperatures
  • High flyash LOI’s
  • Increase stack opacity
  • Reduced unit capacity
  • Elevated NOx and CO
  • Fireside corrosion
  • Tube failures
  • Non-optimum steam temperatures
  • High tube metal temperatures
  • Boiler control issues

Pulverizer, Fan & Auxiliary Equipment Testing

  • Burner line fuel and air balance
  • HVT furnace exit traverse
  • Air heater performance
  • High volume flyash sampling
  • Total system air in-leakage audit
  • Comprehensive fan testing and inspection

Volumetric Flyash Testing

  • High LOI or unburned carbon in ash
  • Reduction of LOI in support of ash sales