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On-Site Training

To successfully operate and manage your plant, you need a well-trained workforce.

ICT’s On-Site Training provides flexible solutions designed to meet your specific plant needs.

ICT’s On-Site Training will help you maximize the efficiency of your equipment, minimize the costly mistakes that can jeopardize your plant, and in invest the potential of your employees. We offer a variety of training solutions for Operations, Maintenance and Technical personnel, conducted by high-caliber instructors who are coal-fired power plant experts.

ICT’s On-Site Training designed and delivered to assure that your employees have the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to deliver operational excellence. We offer a broad range of training opportunities and can tailor our curriculum to meet your specific needs, including the type of boilers, coal-fired pulverizers and other auxiliary equipment found in each plant. As part of the training we also include topics that are of special interest or concern.

Common topics include but are not limited to: slagging, heat rate, fuel flexibility, combustion quality, tube failures, environmental compliance, generating capacity and more.

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