Specializing in providing assistance to power plants to resolve operational and maintenance challenges.
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Innovative Combustion Technologies, Inc.


Innovative Combustion Technologies, Inc. (ICT) is first and foremost an Alabama SCR testing company. Based in Birmingham, we have been serving the power industry since 1993. We specialize in providing assistance to fossil fired power plants (with units ranging from 50 Mw to 1300 Mw.)  This ensures we resolve operational and maintenance challenges, optimize combustion, achieve the best operating efficiencies, unit capacities and lowest emissions.

We understand the process of power plant operations, and excel in the areas from the pulverizer to the stack.  Innovative Combustion Technologies, also offer a full array of diagnostic and compliance environmental testing services for all types of utility boilers and industrial installations.

Furthermore, we provide comprehensive EPA stack testing services along with our expertise as boiler and combustion system specialists.  In addition, we provide high quality testing equipment. The design and manufacture of devices to measure and manage airflow, along with other equipment to enhance the performance of pulverizers, electric utility boilers and combustion systems.

We take pride in the fact that we are coverall and flashlight boiler specialists and engineers that not only provide testing but can follow up with internal inspections, technical direction of repairs and modification or whatever it takes to get results.

Innovative Combustion Technologies assist with:

  • Boiler tuning, performance optimization and improvement of boiler efficiencies and heat rate.
  • Achieving the lowest NOx, CO,SO2, Hg and particulate emissions (stack opacity).
  • Reducing furnace slagging and fouling, burner eyebrows or lower furnace slagging.
  • All types of performance testing associated with boilers, air heaters, fans, pulverizers, ESP’s and bag houses.
  • Optimizing pulverizer performance, control, operation, capacity and maintenance.
  • Common operational challenges such as steam temperature control, boiler and pulverizer control, flame stability, unit turndown, airflow control problems, plugging burner lines, pulverizer fires/puffs, and other complications associated with the combustion system.
  • Identifying solutions to common maintenance challenges such as tube failures caused by fireside corrosion, tube exfoliation, and overheating and coal-ash corrosion.
  • Resolving unit de-rating whether it be caused by fan capacity, the pulverizer or anything between the pulverizer and stack.

ICT provides the expertise, training and specialized testing equipment for improving performance by achieving optimum com- bustion as well as achieving the lowest possible NOx emissions without slagging problems, high fly ash LOI, high stack opacity and/ or reduced unit capacity. Our reputation in the power generation industry is built on results.

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