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Pulverizer Performance & Capacity Improvements

ICT is recognized nationwide for our expertise optimizing pulverizer performance. The first step is often pulverizer testing. The tests below are used to identify opportunities for improvement.

Primary Air Measurement and Calibration

  • Establish accurate and reliable primary air flow indications.
  • Enable proper management of primary air to comply with OEM recommended air-to-fuel ratios.
  • ASME/ASTM Method Coal Sampling
  • Obtain representative fuel samples for coal fineness analysis.

Dirty Air/Iso-kinetic Fuel Sampling

  • Ascertain relative pipe-to-pipe fuel balance.
  • Quantify individual fuel line air-to-fuel ratios.
  • Quantify pulverizer air-to-fuel ratios.
  • Quantify individual fuel line velocity and air flow.
  • Ascertain pipe-to-pipe air flow balance.
  • Quantify fuel line temperature and static pressure.
  • Obtain representative fuel samples for coal fineness analysis.

Clean Air Balancing of Fuel Lines

  • Clean air balancing is an integral part of fuel line air-to-fuel ratio balancing.
  • Establish similar system resistance for each coal line on a balanced air flow basis.
  • Provide a correlation between fuel line “dirty air” and clean air velocities.
  • Ensure the minimum fuel line velocity is maintained after optimization of primary air flow.